Light Department

762 Railey Road
Alexander City, AL 35010

Department Contact
Ricky Waller

Administrative Assistant
Tracy Kendrick

(256) 409-2080
(256) 409.2081

(256) 409-2082

Ricky Waller

Tracy Kendrick

ricky waller


Function of Department


The Light Department covers 26 square miles of actual lines and takes care of 7,000 customers. We service approximately 667 rental light accounts, maintain 3,000 of our own street lights, handle new construction while maintaining existing lines. The Light Department is on call 24 hours a day when power outages occur or any emergency that might come up whether it is electrical or just helping other departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did you know the power is out?
A: Yes, we are currently out trying to locate the problem. Hopefully the power will be back on shortly.

Q: How long will the power be out?
A: According to the cause of the outage: weather, down trees, broken poles, transformers, etc. When the cause is determined we can tell the customers approximately how long the power will be out.

General Information


Alexander City Light and Power is a member of AMEA (Alabama Municipal Electric Authority). Being a member of AMEA helps to keep the cost down to our customers. Also, we are a Public Power Community which allows the department to help schools, churches and community activities: such as installing early warning sirens, Jazz Festival lighting, Christmas lighting, etc.

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