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The Business License and Tax Department collects the municipal business licenses and miscellaneous taxes and coordinates the collection of sales and use taxes for the City.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Where do I file my City Rental/Lease tax or Lodging tax?

A: These taxes are collected directly by the City.   Lodging taxes (effective immediately) and rental/lease taxes (effective October 1, 2013) may be filed online at My Alabama Taxes at the same you file your State of Alabama taxes or you may file by mail using one of the forms below.

Q:  Where do I file my City Sales and Use tax?

A: City Sales and Use Tax may be filed online at My Alabama Taxes at the same time you file your State of Alabama taxes. If you need to contact The Alabama Department of Revenue concerning filing your City Sales and Use Tax, you may by phone 1.866.576.6531 or by emailing

Q:  Where do I file my City Tobacco Tax or Gasoline Tax?

A:  These taxes are collected directly by the City.  The return forms may be downloaded from this site or you may call 256-329-6720 and request one be mailed or emailed to you. 

Q:  Who is required to file for a business license?

A:  Any person or entity desiring to conduct trade or provide services within the city limits or police jurisdiction of the City of Alexander City is required to register with the City of Alexander City.

Q:  What is the price of a business license?

A:  Most business licenses are based on the gross receipts of a business.  New businesses estimate their gross receipts for the remainder of the calendar year.  This amount may be adjusted at the end of the year if necessary.  The rate schedule will vary by the type of business.

Q:  When is my business license due?

A:  Business licenses for new businesses are due by the first day of business in Alexander City.  Business license renewals for existing businesses are due by February 15th of each year.

Q:  What is an issuance fee?

A:  The issuance fee is the amount the City is allowed to charge for issuing a license to cover administrative expenses.  Effective with the 2013 license year this fee will be $12.00.

Online Form(s) Require Acrobat Reader


City Rental | Lease Tax Form

Business License Schedule
Business License Application
Lodging Tax Return | Rental of Rooms, Lodging & Services
Lodging Tax Return | Rental of Other Accommodations & Services

Tobacco Tax Return
My Alabama Taxes

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