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As a part of the FEMA downtown drainage project improvements, there will be various street closures at various times throughout the project. This project will be under construction between now and December of this year.  For the next month or so (while school is out) the contractor is going to focus on the improvements around the high school.  Specifically, the contractor will be replacing the culvert from just downstream of the small culvert on Jackson Street (underneath the high school parking lot, Marshall Street, Wilson Street and the front lawn of Benjamin Russell High School) to Cherokee Road.  During this construction process, the following roads will be closed for about a month or so.

Wilson Street: From the intersection of Wilson and Marshall to the intersection of Wilson and Franklin

Marshall Street: From the intersection of Marshall and Wilson to the intersection of Marshall and Jackson.

Future road closures related to other parts of this project can be provided to The Outlook  and this website as the project progresses. All citizens are strongly urged to avoid this area for your safety and the safety of the workers in these areas.

If  you have questions or need additional information,
call 409 2020.

M. Gerard Brewer, P.E.
Director of Public Works/City Engineer

City Develops New “Predictable” Brush Pickup Routes

In an effort to make city services more efficient, cost-effective, convenient and predictable for its citizens, the City of Alexander City Public Works Department is changing its procedures for curbside brush pickup.  Beginning June 1, 2008, the brush trucks will pick up curbside brush and debris according to the predictable scheduled routes shown on the map.

Terry Bishop, Superintendent of the Environmental Services Department, and his employees have been working on the new route for the last couple of months on a trial-and-error basis.  During this time, they have tweaked the routes to a point that they now feel confident that they have established a scheduled route that they can meet.  This route  has been established in an effort to be as aggressive as possible at picking up the brush, while allowing for regular down-time due to breakdowns, equipment maintenance, inclement weather, employee absences, holidays, priority changes, etc. (More Here)

Summer Energy Saving Tips from Your
Alexander City Light and Power

The Alexander City Light and Power Department is offering tips on this site for conserving energy during the hot summer months. This service is sponsored by the City of Alexander City and the Alabama Municipal Electrical Association, of which Alexander City is a member. With the rising cost of all utilities, including electricity, you can help reduce the cost of your electricity by following a few simple suggestions from these energy efficiency tip. For more information, please click on the links below.

Refresh Air Filters

Hot Water Consumption

Energy Savings For Your Dryer

Cook Up Energy Savings

City Begins Gathering Data For Geographic Information System (GIS)

City Begins Gathering Data for Geographic Information System

The City of Alexander City has embarked on a new project that will enhance our ability to manage our infrastructure, thereby reducing the cost of operations. The field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is not known by that name to many people, but GIS has been used by many without being aware of it. Anyone who has gone online to use Mapquest to find directions has used GIS. Another way to describe GIS is "interactive" maps, that is, maps that can answer questions. What will happen if we shut off certain valves to upgrade a line or add additional services? Who will be affected?

How can we minimize the impact to our customers and reduce the cost of making this change? GIS systems allow us to record features in our city and see the exact location in a map format, either online or in a printed format. These features can be physical items such as water lines, power poles, buildings or items that are not so visible such as property boundaries or location of events (fires, burglaries) or elevations.

Although the utilities are the first to be developed, other departments will eventually use this service. Use of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment plays a key role in the development of such a project. The GPS unit shown in the photo will allow us to place desired features on a map with accuracy of within an inch. It is expected to be an 18 month project to complete all the utilities. The gas system is the first to be addressed and should be completed in 6 months.

New Fountain Set at Broad Street Plaza

David Argo, of Robinson Iron, is shown re-setting the new fountain that once adorned the old fountain pool at the new Broad Street Plaza across from Wachovia Bank. Once the Broad Street Plaza became a reality, Robinson Iron contacted the City and offered to remove the old fountain, refinish it and reset it in the new Plaza, at no cost to the City. The fountain will become the center piece of the new Plaza. The project is almost complete, except for the landscaping, lighting and installation of the benches. The benches are also a product made locally by Robinson Iron. The Mayor and City Council would like to thank the leadership of Robinson Iron, Ricky Robinson, Scotty Howell and Wayne Fuller, for their generous donation of time, material and equipment. This is just another example of a community working together for the betterment of our City.

New Decorative Lighting Being Installed of Broad Street

On Monday, March 31, Floyd Electrical Construction of Auburn, Alabama, began construction on Phase III of the downtown lighting project. The new decorative lighting will be installed along Broad Street's main parking area and along the north side of the railroad track area between Carlisle Drug and the Alexander City Fire Department. The new lights, designed to match those in the other two phases and the roundabout, are scheduled to be installed within the next six (6) months. Stewarts Engineers of Anniston, have been working closely with George East of the Alexander City Light and Power to assure the public that, although there WILL be some inconvenience to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, efforts will be made to keep that to a minimum.

The new decorative lighting, coupled with the completion of the Broad Street Plaza, should be an attractive addition to the downtown area. Your patience during the construction would be greatly appreciated.

Broad Street Plaza Now Behind Schedule

According to Randy Thomas, Community Development Coordinator, the Broad Street Plaza is now behind schedule. "We were hoping to finish this project by now, but some weather delays and delays in the contractor receiving the required stone, has caused the project to be behind schedule. I still think we should have the project complete by the end of March", according to Thomas. Once the project is completed, there will still be the old silver colored traffic signal pole and box in the Plaza area. It will have to remain there until the railroad crossing project on Main Street takes place. That project is a joint venture project between the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and Norfolk Railroad. During that project, ALDOT and Norfolk will replace the existing pole with a new pole. Alexander City has agreed to pay the difference between a decorative pole that will match the new decorative lighting that has been installed in the downtown area and the normal, non-decorative poles that ALDOT normally installs. "ALDOT has agreed to work with the City to see that this happens as soon as possible", according to Thomas.

New Library Commemorative Square

Purchase A Commemorative Brick

New Library Commemorative Square

Board members Madolyn Radney, Virginia Pietrzykoski, Patsy Shreve, and Melissa Oliver seated in front of the new
Library Commemorative Square.

City Council Passes 2007-2008 Budget

At its regularly scheduled City Council meeting on October, the City Council passed the 2007/2008 Annual Operating and Capital Budget for Alexander City. A recap of the $ 41,000,000 budget can be found at: Annual 2008 Budget


The federal government recently mandated that any public utility providers of natural gas must begin a program of public awareness to inform the general public of underground pipeline safety. This program is to make all citizens aware of how to react in case of emergencies involving natural gas utility pipelines, regardless of whether you are a consumer of the natural gas utility. This survey is for those that are customers of natural gas and those living in area that might be served by this city natural gas utility.

Please take a moment to complete this short survey. You involvement will help Alexander City better serve its citizens and to make our natural gas utility safer for the public. You assistance is greatly appreciated.      

Please click:  Public Awareness Survey


Alexander City Fire Chief, Ronnie Betts urges everyone to take caution as it relates to potential causes of house fires. Below is an article recently released by the President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Chief Betts urges you to read this article and make sure everyone in your household is aware of potential household firedangers.


The International Association of Fire Chiefs is pleading with the media to help us inform the public of the high number of house fires with fatalities that have occurred since the beginning of February. "We have lost too many people in home fires in the last two weeks," said President Chief Jim Harmes. "Last night, six were killed in a house fire in Louisiana, two in house fires in Tennessee and one in my own community in Grand Blanc, Michigan. It is mid-February and by media reports, 59 people in the U.S. have perished in house fires in 17 states since the beginning of this month. "We have got to do something," said Harmes. "These are not just statistics; these are lives-lives of the people we serve in our communities. These are the same lives that you, the media, serve. Help us to get the word out to our readers and listeners. Our citizens now have more protection available for their homes than ever before and yet people are losing their lives because they are not taking this protection seriously."

Please, help us pass along these life-saving suggestions:

1. Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to be sure they are working properly.
2. Have an escape plan with a meeting place.
3. Once you exit your home, DO NOT return. Too many people lose their lives going back into a burning home.
4. Stoves are not made for heating homes.
5. Supplemental heating devices should be used and maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Keep combustibles clear. Do not leave supplemental heating devices unattended.
6. If you are burning wood in your fireplace, make sure your chimneys are properly maintained. That goes for your furnace, as well.
7. If candles are necessary, use them in a safe environment in a fireproof container and away from children. Do not leave them unattended.
8. And for the long term, consider getting a residential fire sprinkler.

According to statistics, the risk of death by fire is reduced by 82 percent when smoke detectors are accompanied with residential fire sprinklers.

Alexander City Fire Department Honor Guard

From left to right, Ryan Poe, Jeremy Spears, Dallas Acton, Commander Reese McAlister, Jeff Brewer, Mike Robinson, Kelly Scott. Not pictured, Craig Clark.

Council Adopts Junk Law

A new city ordinance is making sure residents clean up their acts or at least their property.

The Alexander City council unanimously approved a new ordinance Tuesday night to make it unlawful for any person or business to keep junk or excessive building materials on property within city limits.

For more of this story, click here.

City Receives FEMA Grant

The City was recently notified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that a grant application that was submitted 18 months ago, had been approved for funding by FEMA under the Hazard Mitigation Grant program. The grant application was funded to correct flooding problems in several area of Alexander City. The grant for $ 911,500 must be matched by the City with $ 296,250 of General Fund money. The City is currently in the process of selecting an engineering firm to provide the plans and specifications for the construction of the improvements in various areas of the City. "This is a project we have been working toward for many years, however only recently have grant funds been made available for this type of project. City Public Works Director, Gerard Brewer, put a lot of effort into gathering the data necessary to convince FEMA that this was a fundable project" said Community Development Coordinator, Randy Thomas.

According to the Grant Agreement signed by Mayor Barbara Young, the City must select an engineering firm within 90 colander days and complete all construction before January 30, 2009. "I see no reason why we won't be able to meet the required schedule", said Thomas.



In response to our citizens' concerns, the city is providing a place for disposal of computers, microwaves, radios and televisions at the City Shop at the designated recyling area on Railey Road.

Citizens must bring these items only NO REFRIGERATORS OR AIR CONDITIONS.

We ask that you put/lay the items down-not throw them- to prevent breakage.

You may access Railey Road from Joseph Street or Russell Road.

If you have any questions, please contact 409-2020


A Message From The Alexander City Water Department

It's time to start winterizing your home as the temperatures begin to drop. Broken water mains can be a major problem if you do not take the proper precautions. For outdoor pipes and faucets, wrap them with old rags and then wrap plastic around the rags and secure with duct tape to help keep them from freezing.If your house isn't underpinned, wrap the pipes under the house or cover openings to help block out freezing winter weather. Some people think that leaving the water running is an easy way to prevent the water pipes from freezing. However, the disadvantage to this is that it can result in higher water bills and also high sewer bills. Play it safe and take care of your water pipes. The Alexander City Water Department wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Operational Procedures:

Unified command Law Enforcement, Fire, and Military

Law Enforcement / Military will secure the scene (evacuation and isolation); handle negotiations and apprehension of suspects.

Fire Department will handle Haz-Mat procedures, fire control and Patient treatment/transport.


The Alexander City Police Department
Honor Guard

The Alexander City Police Department Honor Guard presented the colors recently at the replica of the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall at the Charles E. Bailey, Sr. Sportplex.

Alexander City Inert Landfill

The Alexander City Inert Landfill on North Central Avenue will be open on the Second Saturday of every month from 7 AM until 12 Noon. Permits must be obtained at City Hall prior to the Saturday opening. Permits may be purchased at the Utility Department from Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM.

Items Not Accepted

The Alexander City Inert Landfill
Open Monday through Friday 7:00 3:00
Closed Holidays

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