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City Council

Barbara H. Young - Mayor
Laura B. Oliver - Administration Assistant
William (Bill) Young
District 1
Mark Fuller
District 4
Lottie Wyckoff
District 2
Richard Langford
District 5
Bob Howard
District 3
Gaius Dean
District 6

Alexander City's governing body is the city council - a six member group of representatives who make decisions on behalf of the local residents. Whether working to maintain the Charles E. Bailey Sr. Sportplex or dealing with improving city streets, Alexander City's city council takes a hands-on approach.

Alexander City uses a mayor-council form of government, and all officials with lawmaking powers are elected to office by city residents. The council meets the first and third Monday of the month immediately following the pre-council meeting that begins at 5:30 pm in the courtroom in the Criminal Justice Building.

The council is composed of representatives of six districts in the city. The city council determines the budget, often derived from a recommendation from the mayor.

During its regular meetings, the council also makes decisions regarding the city's many departments; utilities, which includes light, water, sewer and gas; personnel; water and waste water treatment facilities; police and fire departments; parks and recreation; and several others.

The mayor has the authority to sit with the city council at its meetings. The mayor can make recommendations and introduce issues, but he cannot vote on the ordinances and resolutions. However, the mayor must sign them before they can go into effect. If the mayor chooses not to sign an ordinance or resolution into effect, the council can pass it without his signature by having a second vote.

The city clerk may not have voting power, but does have an active role in city government. The clerk's office is responsible for arranging the council's agenda for the meetings, determines the rules of order, keeps records of the meetings and sits in on budget meetings.

Every four years, Alexander City residents elect a mayor and city council members.

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